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What is sampling?

In a simple term, sampling defines as a part of a whole, but in business, the action of Sampling is carried out to introduce itself or its products under the name of the company, which gives the audience the opportunity to use a limited amount of its products.

What is the connection between sampling and the advertisement & marketing world?

Sampling is one of the effective & useful tools to Attract the audience’s attention to a product and to build a potential customer from a simple and sometimes an unknown audience, and it has long & short term effects which varies according to the product type and marketing strategies of the company. sampling is planned and implemented under the light of company’s goals.

The act of sampling can be done in busy places, depending on the product type and its audience at a specific location, or occasionally, to draw attention to a brand. Due to the widespread advertising world and its tools, it is still an influential factor in online advertising.

the benefits:

You need to have some information about the product, the company’s brand identity and also its development plan, to use the sampling method for its advertisements. Because the necessary factors for each product are different in using this tool, maybe you do not have to pay for it.

Sampling actually gives the audience the opportunity to use a product for a short time, and perhaps in a limited amount, without paying for it. This leads to mental factors for the audience to be convinced of buying the product. Other benefits include the opportunity for the organization to recognize its customers and their expectations of a commodity.

Although these issues are certainly included in the marketing plan, there is a good opportunity to touch the program ahead of schedule.

Using Sampling, you can help bridge the brand identity of an organization to its vision. Because audiences are guided by your thinking and spirit about the product by seeing how you plan to run the progress.

 possible risks:

If there are any mismatches in planning for execution, or choosing its place & time, or even choosing the type of audience, it may cause to an irreparable damage to the product. It should be noted that a single mistake in using this tool can reduce the audience, a whole damage to the product’s image in audience’s mind, or even the creation of resistance and the struggle against using the product and the brand, from the audience.

We will be able to execute Sampling on the Amin-novin Advertising Agency by planning appropriately for your brand and organization’s goals.


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