Role of medium in advertising world

2018-08-29 10:21:11

mediums in advertising world

In this article we intend to have a brief look at the role of mediums in advertising world and their effects on promotional projects (Commercial, cultural, political).

nowadays, mediums play a special role and have special effects on our lifestyles. A medium, no matter in which kind, such as: visual, written or environmental Ads or social networks, could even change our general attitude towards a particular topic.

To better understand the role of mediums, lets express a short definition of the medium: Medium refers to any element through which a special message transfers to specific audience.

These days, with spread of the population and technology, the form of medium has also varied. The medium is no longer limited to television, radio and press but also cyberspace, environmental advertising and even people, are mediums.

What role does medium play in advertising?

generally, a successful and effective promotional platform for a product has different dimensions that each one can be remarkable. One of these dimensions is the medium. typically, advertising managers and senior managers of a company are very careful while choosing a medium (a channel to transfer their message to the audience), because a wrong choice not only can cause financial losses, but also could have irreparable damage to the brand or product. So you cannot ignore the role of medium in a promotional project.

What features should a proper medium have?

Depending on the product type, the intended message and the budget chosen to select a medium, factors such as the acceptability of a medium, the amount of visitors, the audience’s use of the medium and the ability to repeat, are the most important features which a proper medium should have.

You can use the medium that you have selected correctly by following the correct path of designing a message or campaign, and achieving your goals will become better and easier to experience.


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