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2018-08-29 10:22:18

Which marketing tools are used in a marketing plan?

Here in this article we intend to give some brief but useful information about the importance of Internet marketing tools to you, our dear entourages. Due to the widespread competition of manufacturing and service organizations as well as changes in economic conditions, marketing and sales are more important than ever for an organization. The matter is what should the marketing team do about these changes?

The marketing team’s tasks:
  1. Identify and attract the target market.
  2. Proper pricing.
  3. Ability to sustain old customers.
  4. To give proper strategies to each brand and product.
  5. Planning for the sales department.
Marketing roles and tools:

There are different roles in marketing, such as manufacturer, customer, brokers and dealers, distribution network and Etc. customer is one of the key roles in the marketing strategy.

The customer is the mainstream of a business life cycle. In the business world, the customer has the most important role because a large number of producers and service providers in marketing programs, tailored to their target market have diverse and, of course, suitable planning to attract and sustain their customers.

Marketing planning is not always the same, using and analyzing existing information, the marketing form for each group or product is different.  The marketing planning to run for each business includes a variety of tools, including direct marketing, content marketing, exhibition marketing, email marketing, capillary marketing, and so on. Which each tool can be used for a certain product at a certain time.  Which are carried out according to the strategy of the organization and decision of marketing and advertising managers.

Marketing tools may be very diverse, and each requires more comprehensive discussion and research, but we try to talk more about each of these tools in our articles to come.


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