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2018-08-29 07:21:02


Holding events that sometimes refers to event marketing, is one of the most influential tools in promoting a marketing and an advertising program. Each event is aimed at a specific purpose and its audience is pre-determined or sometimes can hold publically for general information.

Amin Novin advertising agency, is trying to talk about the importance, features, and specifications of events, in this brief article.

What is an event?

It’s generally referred to as an event that is held at a specific time and place with the purpose of introducing a product or a celebration for audiences of an organization. An event contains several parts and sometimes is held on the sidelines of a concert, show, or a sport event for a better feedback. And also can be held independently, with specific planning with the same purpose.

As its been told at the top, events are held with special purposes, so it should be asking that what advantages and disadvantages could an event have?

At first glance, event seems to one of the costliest tools of marketing and advertising. But in reality it is not. An organization holds an event due to its product and its audience, identified and evaluated through specific programs.

So, it can be concluded that an event should hold with the decision of an advertising manager or advisor. Because a wrong decision in this regard could have an opposite result in compare to what you have expected.

After all, holding an event can provide several opportunities to your organization, including the following:
  1. Forming a direct communication between the organization and the audience without any intermediary.
  2. Easier confidence building by the organization for audiences.
  3. An opportunity to Identify Yourself, your organization and prospects of your brand.
  4. Use to represent the brand to an audience by an organization.
  5. Making memorable moments for the audience and turning them into loyal customers.
  6. Unveiling an organization’s new product or service.
  7. The ability to determine target audiences and invite them officially to participate in your event.
Is it always effective to hold an event?

to answer this question, we should have an accurate examination of an organization or brand, a product (product, service), an organization’s audiences, their marketing planning, and other influential factors. But in general, it’s not always the best and most appropriate way for an organization.

Because each tool in the world of advertising and marketing can have a good and proper effect, it depends on when and how to use them, which includes the events.

We are able to provide you all the necessary consultations from the idea to profitability of the event marketing in Amin novin Advertising Agency, and will be beside you, using this marketing and advertising tool.

Established in Amin Novin advertising agency.

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