Electronic marketing (e-marketing)

2018-08-29 10:23:37

What is electronic marketing?

Electronic marketing is one of the important and influential factors for a group or organization seeking to develop its business. somehow, with the progress of technology and communication world, marketing has also been changed in its forms and techniques.

At the beginning let’s have a brief definition of marketing in general:

Everywhere in the world, marketing is formed with the aim of profit making for consumers, producers and market infuencers. As another marketing objective can name Fulfilling the needs of the audience in the target market. With changing the business environment, organizations and individuals are gradually trying to make a better and more commercial use of cyberspace for a different and new market share. This leads to paying more attention to e-marketing. E-marketing requires careful planning, market intelligence analysis, and a different implementation of marketing strategies. Because the shape and type of the target market and its audience are different.

In all marketing types, distribution and receiving service and product channels of an organization are key factors in a marketing program.  But in electronic marketing, the distribution channel is different.

what is the concept of distribution channel in electronic marketing?

Distribution channels in e-marketing, are web sites, social networks, apps and etc. that have the ability to implement the distribution channel’s role in an e-marketing program. According to new researches, Internet is the best place to find information about a new product, catalogs, trade fairs, and etc. Because the Internet provides a convenient connection for exchanging information between individuals. This proves that you can use the internet space to sell products and marketing (goods or services).

With enough carefulness of the above concepts, we realize that E-marketing provides countless opportunities to communicate with customers and use them to make more benefit and income for an organization. Having enough information about E-marketing and to have specialists in your organization, can make it have the best result for your business.


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