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2018-08-29 10:27:15

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is becoming the mainstay and plays the key role in today’s business and online advertising world. Maybe we’ll have a lot of information on hearing and using the word “digital marketing” But do we have the same amount of information in practice and its functions? In Amin Novin advertising agency we’re trying to provide you the correct information as well as the appropriate solutions, from idea to implementation in this field.

Why is digital marketing important?

Direct interaction with the audience, simple operation with the same functionality of large companies, Low and reasonable cost, wide number of audience, Coordinate with world’s changes (high velocity) (High compliance rate), trustworthy for both the audience and organization, are the most important reasons why we choose to use digital marketing.

Today, with the development of virtual world and cyber space, the form of revenue and the relationship between the owners of goods and services with the audience and also the way of presentation and selling products has also been changed.

The spread of using internet is simply observable with a brief look at any family and organization, every member spends hours in the cyber space and social medias every day, and this numbers are increasing day by day. Now, with these explanations, we are going to find out why digital marketing is important.

Given the high definitions, the Importance of digital marketing is obvious. regarding to the changes in people’s lives and the inherent desire of humans to comfortably, people are looking for all their needs on the Internet. Digital marketing has different tools that can be used to set an online marketing program.


Having a good site and proper SEO, for optimal use of it in search engines, or the right use of high-end social networks to attract the true audience of social networks, allows you to simultaneously connect potential and actual customers.

Other digital marketing tools include content creation or content marketing, as we mentioned in the previous article on the importance of content and have been referred to as an important factor in marketing and advertising. All of the digital marketing tools are not the same, we should not ignore the role of email marketing, various analyzes, mobile apps, and other influential affairs.

Digital marketing, due to its certain factors, can provide a good position for business owners to sell their products and to give their services in the most proper way tailored to customer requirements.

In today’s article we’re trying to tell you some of these factors:

  1. Direct interaction with the audience: An organization, or even a person who own a business, can communicate with their audience without an intermediary in the Internet and social networks, and this creates a cheaper, healthier, and more trustworthy connection.
  2. simple operation – availability: The use of social networks and websites, search engines, etc. The other factors in the Internet space, by expanding the tools that make this use easy, have created an equal opportunity for all organizations, both small and large, to Compete with each other attracting the audience.
  3. Low cost of digital marketing: The low cost of a branded digital marketing program is one of the most important and valuable factors that increases the motivation to use it.
  4. Being up to date with digital marketing: An organization or owner of goods and services can take minutes and even seconds to market their products and, according to the events, control their schedule and even change it in a fraction of a second.

Digital marketing can certainly provide more space and facilities for attracting audiences. We just tried to tell some of it to you, so you can get to know this area.


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